Auralux is an ambient indie RTS game that simplifies the genre to its strategic core. Keep up to date:  


If you're having trouble running Auralux, please contact us at with a complete description of the problem, and we'll try to help you out. If you encountered an error message, try to include the first few lines of the message or, even better, a screenshot.

Android and iOS

Auralux can be downloaded for free off the App Store or the Android Market. You can download more levels or unlock Speed Mode by purchasing these features within the game.

If your purchased levels aren't showing up in the menu, try going to the Shop section and hitting the refresh button in the upper right of the screen.

The mobile version of Auralux is much newer than the Windows version. Please send in a report of any bugs that you find!


Colorblind players can turn on an alternate color palette by typing Shift+E. If you don't have a mouse wheel, you can zoom in and out with the W and S keys.

The Windows version will work on most hardware, but may run slowly on some PCs. Try out the demo if you're worried. You'll also need Windows Media Player for the game's music; if you get a Song Playback Error, install WMP and it should fix the problem.

The game requires two prerequisites to be installed: the .NET 4 framework and the XNA 4 Redistributable. If you have difficulty installing the game, try installing these prerequisites manually.